Graphics cards that will eventually come to us one day… or maybe the next, or even the day after or February 29th.

This is what is called an open secret, but the confirmation should not please Intel, which seems indeed annoyed by the release – or rather the absence of release – of the Arc Alchemist cards. The open secret is that Intel has well and truly missed the launch window that it had set itself. Remember, a few months ago, Intel changed a “ 1st quarter 2022  to a more vague “ 2022 ”.

Intel Arc Alchemist roadmap © Videocardz

© Videocardz

An exit during the third trimester?

Today, relayed by Videocardz , it is the informant Moore’s Law is Dead who evokes Intel documents dating back barely a month. For internal use, they were to make the Arc Alchemist roadmap known to other divisions.

Problem, nothing of what is announced seems able to be realized and while Intel’s partners were to be able to market their ” custom ” cards at the beginning of August, we would be very far from it: none of these partners has makes any announcement.

Moore’s Law is Dead further states that Intel, again according to the documents it was able to obtain, was to send the cards to the integrators during the last week of July. Here we are, and again, none of them have commented on possible machines.

The final word goes to Pat Gelsinger. The president of Intel, during a conference call, said that ” Intel Arc A5 and A7 cards for desktop PCs will begin to be distributed during the third quarter “. Chick?

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